A hand up is not a handout.

AIAScoin believes strongly in supporting verified non-profit charities making the world a better place.

All charities struggle to raise funds and put a lot of effort into finding donations and building relationships with corporate donors but we believe that charities should focus more on their primary goal of caring for those in need and spend far less time looking for and asking for donations.

AIAS is here to help!

With many small contributions, collectively we can have amazing impacts in our world for those less fortunate. AIAScoin leverages state-of-the-art masternode and POS technology to transfer value instantly, with near non-existent fees, and to anywhere in the world. The future of charitable donations is here and, for donors and charities alike and in many ways, will never be the same.

Our team at AIAS believes that all crypto projects should have some level of social responsibility to not only provide technology to make a difference but also use that technology to provide sustainable support to the less fortunate. CryptoCurrencies are a new and emerging asset class that all charities need to learn, adopt and implement blockchain into their operations.

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AIAS Charity Deposit Addresses

Funds deposited on these addresses will be used to donate Aias Masternode collateral to selected Charity Associations.

BTC and ETH funds will be used to buy AIAS on Exchanges and deposit the AIAS to the charity wallet address below.

BTC Address: 3Ffb5Yy5SVHmeN37EeB32Cez91xBjtNYQa

ETH Address: 0x96b559380FA70207b25a942b4E057ecF84e47802

AIAS Address: AWCBsq8Rgi1mRdojSEFnMkzHquRKC6ES1n

Why donations with AIASCoin ?

AIAScoin leverages state-of-the-art masternode and POS technology. These two technologies give rewards to AIAS Coin holders. So every time a donation is made, it continues growing by holding rewards.

Until today, each Masternode Reward is 15 AIAS and each Stake Reward 4.99 AIAS

Let donations grow!

Charities we currently support:

The Salvation Army - Greece

Donation date: 08/07/2018

Ammount donated: 1000 Aias collateral for a MN

Website: https://salvationarmy.gr/

Donation Wallet: ARPGHetpBe2ixW3eiVqrWEaxh6weHDjwNu


The Salvation Army in Greece was one of the first charities on-site in Athens caring for the refugees as they arrived off the ships from the islands in 2015 at the start of the crisis. Since then, we continue to operate one of the largest and first refugee crisis centres based in Athens serving over 16,000 trapped urban refugees and asylum seekers. We are a primary distribution centre and currently distribute more than 120,000 diapers per year, provide nutrition services to new mothers and babies and support client integration with housing assistance, medical and educational support.

Last year we offered NFI (non-food item) hygiene and care supplies to 768 registered family units and tens of thousands of walk-in clients. We supplied razors, body soap, laundry soap, shampoo (adult & children), diapers and wipes. We supplied fresh groceries, milk, baby formula and baby health products. We helped distribute more than 200 tonnes of clothing and over 14,000 pairs of new shoes donated by Project Sole USA.

Our centre operates on three floors of a historic building in the heart of the red-light district and refugee zone in Omonia. We partner with other local agencies to improve service delivery and reduce duplication and expenses. We provide under-educated refugee children school in Greek and English daily and specialized tutoring for 78 children per session to prepare them to integrate in the public Greek education system in partnership with Apostoli. As well, we provide free medical assessments and medication to refugees and sex industry workers & clients 3 days per week in collaboration with DocMobile. In collaboration with Positive Voice, we provide free STI and HIV testing for the sex industry workers and have recently expanded our testing to young men in the refugee survival sex work in Omonia.

Rather than the typical charity approach of constantly asking a client, individual or company for another donation, the one-time masternode collateral donation serves as a continuous revenue source and the value is based on the success of AIAS.

Help support The Salvation Army in Greece by donating AIAS to our verified charity wallet: ARPGHetpBe2ixW3eiVqrWEaxh6weHDjwNu

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